Live From Sands Point! Classic Rock N' Roll 2019

The Village Club of Sands Point

Thursday March 21st 2019 6:30 pm –  10:30 pm

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"LIVE! From Sands Point" is a Classic Rock N' Roll concert that will benefit Spectrum Designs and Nicholas Center, two Port Washington organizations who support over 85 local young adults with Autism, in leading productive and meaningful lives through the world of work! 

Put on your favorite concert T-shirt and get ready to be treated like a "rock star"! Relive all of the classic songs of Rock n' Roll as the band plays on, all this in support of those with Autism.

Live Music, Gourmet Food, Cocktails, Raffles and Dancing the night away.

Get ready to be treated like ROCK ROYALTY ... the PAPARAZZI are waiting for you on the Red Carpet! 

THANK YOU to our 2019 Event Sponsors:

Event & Dinner Sponsor: Loren & Wayne King / Empire Metal

Cocktail & Spirits Sponsors:

Amy & John Beyer / Men on the Move

Charlene & Michael Prounis

Décor Sponsors:

Jennifer & Eric Fryer

The Pegno Family

Lori & Steve Scrobe

Valli, Kane & Vagnini

Dessert Sponsors:

The Bowman Family

Dana & Michael Broxmeyer

Lisa & Dennis Duggan

The Lacoma Family

Joel & Michelle Levitin

Kathy & Jim Madison

Allan & Laura Mendels

Fred & Wendy Penzel

Jayne & Craig Stein

Noah Trachtenberg

T-Shirt Listing:

J.A. Faccibene & Associates, Inc.

In Memory of Anthony H. Gesuale

Sing with the Band:

Christopher Troiano

Brandon Barres

Since 2011, (Spectrum Designs (SDF) has been making an impact in the lives of teens and young adults with Autism through its social enterprise- a business which reinvests its financial returns into the community to fill a societal void. Through its custom apparel and promotional business, SDF has been helping individuals with Autism lead meaningful lives through productive work. Together with our partner agency, Nicholas Center, Spectrum Designs and affiliate businesses, Spectrum Bakes and Spectrum Suds, offers employment and productivity to over 85 young men and women with Autism, and there are much more who need our help! We are asking you and our local community to be part of a vision, one which will transform the future of many individuals living with Autism.

Spectrum Designs will incur a processing fee when purchasing through this site. If you wish to maximize your gift, please mail your check to: Spectrum Designs Fd., 366 Main Street, Port Washington, NY 11050


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The Village Club of Sands Point

1 Thayer Ln, Sands Point, NY 11050

Map of Event Location